Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Happy 10th birthday, Fynn!

He had a great day!

He got to spend a bit of time with his buddy Alex after school.

Then he opened presents at home and was thrilled with his new Go Pro and a nice comic book (Archie) from Sophie.  Later this week will be his party (bowling alley and a sleepover) with some of his pals.

I love this boy madly.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Okanagan Marathon - 10 km

Vic and I ran the Okanagan Marathon, 10km race this morning in Kelowna.  This is a great race, and one of the best 10km because it is a nice, flat route.  The marathon race is a Boston Marathon qualifier.

I was really pleased with my results, and attribute the power in my legs due to working consistently at CrossFit for the past year and a half.

Vic's time was 49:25 and I had a PB of 58:20. I'm a few years older than when I did this in 2013 when I came in at 58:45. My legs are stronger now and less fatigued. I felt really good the whole way and while I was tired at the end, I wasn't feeling completely wiped out.  Some stats: 216/708 runners. 88/444 for my gender, 20/108 in my age category.  We then had a nice Thanksgiving day at my mom and dad's.


Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Back to School

The summer has been a great one!  We had an amazing trip to France, Fynn took a two night back country camping trip with Wild Wonders, Sophie went to Winnipeg for two great weeks at RWB and we capped it off with a long weekend in Osoyoos at Walnut Beach.  I truly think it was one of the best summers we have had as a family.

This week we get back into our routines.  Sophie is in Grade 8 and Fynn is in Grade 5.

Here they are for that obligatory back to school photo.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

France 2017

It's been weeks since we've been back from our trip, and I'm just getting around to writing this now.  Where to begin?

The trip was everything we planned and hoped for!  And more, I'd say.  We spent 3 days in Paris exploring a number of locations such as the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, the Opera House, Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower (of course!) and the banks of the Seine.  We also did a little bit of shopping at Galleries Lafayette.  On our third day in Paris, the local host for Uniworld visited our hotel to introduce herself to us and the other passengers who were staying at the same hotel. She was kind enough to drive us in her little car to MonteMarte where we had dinner and then walked/took the funicular to Sacre Coeur.

The river cruise itself was pretty special.  We embarked in Paris, visited Vernon, Les Andelys, Rouen (loved that city), Caudebec-en-Caux (Normandy Beaches), Rouen (back again), Mante-la-Jolie (Versailles) and then back to Paris.

The kids met many other children on the ship - there were about 30 kids on the boat which made it pretty fun.  The closest friends they made were from North Carolina, named Emily and Jackson.  The other kids they hung out with were Nick and Josh from Arizona.  I know the kids are trying to stay in touch via social media, so hopefully they will continue that.

I MUST go back to Paris, I need to also see more of the French

countryside.  It is so beautiful.  Eye candy.  It filled up my soul.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

That last crawl to the finish line

June can be the nicest month but it can also be one of the most exhausting, especially if you are a mom to school age kids.  This past month we have wrapped up dance, piano exams, soccer and school.  I found preparing the kids for their Royal Conservatory Piano exams likely the most exhausting.  I was wondering if Fynn was going to make it, as was his teacher.  He surprised me to be honest and came out with a 73, and Sophie a 70.  I'm very proud of both of them.  Fynn also had a number of small projects that seemed to be due at school in the same week:  a speech, a comic book assignment, and another assignment that escapes me right now.  I feel like I really had to push him along so he understood how to make things a bit better than just dialling
it in.

The other big wrap up this month was an Advanced HR Certificate program I had been taking for the past 9 months or so through UCLA.  It was a good program but I'm certainly glad to have that bit of extra time back again.

We are in the final preparations of our trip to France.  I find it hard to believe the date is almost here.  I'm excited about the flight, seeing Paris for the first time, and the beautiful river cruise. Can't wait.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Fynn continues to enjoy playing Development level soccer. We were down in Kelowna today for two of his games.  Great to watch his skills progress.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


After about a year of feeling horrible, with hot flashes, low energy and some brain fog, I asked my doctor last week if I would be a candidate for hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  We talked about the pros and the cons, and the big study back in the early 2000s that prompted many women to stop taking hormone replacement therapy to ease their menopausal symptoms. We decided the relatively small risk for me was something I was willing to take for a better quality of life.

I have only been on the very low dose of estradiol and progesterone for two days, but I can already say that my hot flashes have been reduced.  I went from having 10-12 a day, to around 2-3 (so far).  I never thought I would want to be on hormones, but because I am feeling quite a bit better in a relatively short period of time, I am quite supportive of any woman who talks to her doctor and decides to do this.

On an unrelated not, Fynn had an awesome couple of soccer games in Kamloops this weekend. Pictures below.